Asisa Reports 902 010 010

Asisa Reports902 010 010

Life Insurance- Asisa

  • Asisa Vida

    Asisa Vida How much are you concerned about the future you most loved ones?
    With the insurance of life ASISA you decide the capital and the beneficiaries.

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  • Asisa Hipoteca

    Asisa Hipoteca Have you bought a house?
    It covers the amount of your mortgage.

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  • Asisa Nómina

    Asisa Nómina If something happens to you; how will continue your family?
    Life insurance calculated based on your annual income.

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  • Asisa Retorno

    Asisa Retorno Forever with your loved ones.
    Repratiacion insurance with compensation for death.

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  • Asisa Colectivos

    Asisa Colectivos Do you have the best insurance for your company staff?
    Protection for the employee, safety for the families.

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  • Asisa Accidentes

    Asisa Accidentes For what could happen.
    Compensation by insurance of death by accident, at a very low price.

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  • Asisa Accidentes Plus

    Asisa Accidentes Plus For you most loved ones.
    Compensation insurance for accident with many including coverings.

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