Special agreement for

At ASISA we invest our whole resources in taking care of your and your family’s health.

What only ASISA can offer you:

  • ASISA has more of its own resources than any other company: 14 Clinics and Hospitals and more than 16 Medical Centres.
  • Among more than 36,000 doctors at your disposal you will surely find yours.
  • More than 600 affiliated Medical Centres throughout the country.
  • And more than 100 customer service points, so we are closer to you.

Outstanding coverag

  • Unrestricted, direct access to specialists.
  • Unlimited hospitalisation in a single room with a bed for a companion.
  • Emergency service and ambulance transfers with no limit on mileage.
  • Maternity care.
  • International second medical opinion.
  • Acupuncture and homeopathy on special terms.
  • Emergency healthcare insurance abroad up to €12,000.

Constantly available medical advice provided by ASISA's professionals through the 24 hour ASISA helpline (902 010 181) or www.asisa.es.

The new coverage shall include the following

ASISA reinvests its profits in more services for its policyholders and beneficiaries.

Hence we continue to expand your health insurance coverage to embrace innovative treatments, this year including: genetic tests and analysis of therapeutic targets to prevent hereditary diseases; cell-free foetal DNA tests for early diagnosis of potential conditions afflicting the unborn child; and home CPAP and BiPAP treatment for patients with respiratory disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hospital La Inmaculada, Calle Dr. Alejandro Otero 8.
  • Emergency Helpline. 958187788
  • You can check our national emergency services by visiting www.asisa.es /li>
  • or by phoning 902 030 049.

Provided the care you need is covered, you don’t have to make any extra payment.

Created and managed by doctors, ASISA is a leading Spanish private healthcare company offering the fullest healthcare coverage.


  • Access to many more services on special terms for policyholders and beneficiaries.
  • Specialist assisted reproduction units.
  • The latest technology in laser eye surgery through Oftalvist.
  • Specialist International Travel and Vaccination services.
  • Conservation of stem cells through BioCord.
  • Eye care through General Óptica.
  • And many more exclusive offers and services.